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agricultureAccording to The Guardian,  agriculture is the fastest growing study subject in the United Kingdom. Universities have seen a 4.6% increase in student numbers last year, according to the environment minister Elizabeth Truss.  Today, more than 19,000 students have chosen agriculture.

For whom is the study agriculture?

What you need to know is that agriculture isn’t just only for future farmers in the UK. This degree is actually quite diverse.

Instead of becoming a farmer, students could for instance be employed by food suppliers and retailers.

But the study of agriculture can also open positions in fields such as research and technology, consultancy, education, marketing or the media.

While the number of students in agriculture has risen there is still a shortage in the sector.

Some industry experts believe that to maintain its existing workforce, the agriculture sector in the UK needs to recruit 60,000 new students in the next ten years.

Farming today is quite different than it was some decades ago. Today there are issues such as  climate change, market volatility and reliance on subsidies that lay a major role when taking up this profession. In addition to that, the average age of British farmers is 59, this signifies yet another problem in this sector.

If you want to learn more about studying agriculture I recommend you see

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April 1st, 2016

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When we finally signed a lease for an apartment or better even, once we closed a deal on a new house, people will naturally have all sorts of stuff on their minds. Most people will spend the next months shopping for new furniture, they will excitedly plan the layouts for their rooms, down to what colour carpet or decoration would go best with the new home.

Smoke-Alarm-PlacementOne of the most important things however is often overlooked when people are about to move into a new home, this is the home’s apartment’s fire safety.

Realising this is the more astonishing since adequate fire safety for a home is actually pretty simple to achieve.

The first thing that you should do as a new home owner or renter is that you inspect your home. Are smoke alarms and fire alarms installed in your house or apartment complex? If there are, are the devices working properly?

You should also make sure that  there are easily accessible fire exits and check whether there are fire extinguishers in those areas that are naturally at a higher risk of fire, such as in your kitchen.

Today you can find smoke alarms sold in many places. They are affordable, easy to set up and easy to maintain. Installing a smoke alarm on each floor of your home shouldn’t pose a bigger problem then hanging up a picture.

If you have special requirements in terms of fire safety you should consult with a specialist who can give you advise on the best fire safety and prevention systems. For instance, if you have a large home, wireless smoke alarms would be recommended. These have the advantage that all alarms would sound in case of a fire, no matter where in your home the blaze originates.

If you spend some time on making sure that home is adequately equipped detect and prevent fires, it can tremendously add to your family’s safety.



March 30th, 2016

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For people who love cars, a career where they can be close-up and personal with their passion can be the best option.

There are actually a number of interesting and promising career paths in this field. Those can range from general motorsport to car design or engineering and mechanics.

As with many occupations today, getting into a desired career field or a particular company isn’t always easy.

IT apprenticeships in the UKA motorsport career in the United Kingdom is one of those careers where I highly recommend that you look into apprenticeships. Why apprenticeships?

For those who are looking for a position in competitive fields such as motorsport or IT, an apprenticeship can often be the key to get on with a great career.

Companies today are more willing to take on apprentices as compared to full-time employees. But this is not the main advantage of an apprenticeship.

What’s important to know is that a majority of companies today will hire their apprentices at the end. Some say that apprentices in the United Kingdom are the closest to a guarantee for employment, even in very competitive fields.

An apprenticeship is the best way to get skills and qualifications “on the job”. It is the best way to get hands-on experience as opposed to theoretical knowledge. And it is this hands-on experience that employers today value most. As for myself, I have seen some employers rejecting jobseekers simply because they did not have the hands-on experience, despite great grades in school.

In my opinion you should not waste too much time time after school looking for full-time employment but rather try to get on as an apprentice and then reap all the benefits that come with it. Rest assured that almost any employer today will be impressed if you can show an apprenticeship on your CV. And as mentioned above, most of the time you won’t even have to since your chances to get hired will be very high!

Today it is not difficult to find available apprenticeship vacancies such such as IT apprenticeships or motorsport apprenticeship vacancies. There exist several dedicated websites today where you can find them and where you can apply.

August 10th, 2015

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