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agricultureAccording to The Guardian,  agriculture is the fastest growing study subject in the United Kingdom. Universities have seen a 4.6% increase in student numbers last year, according to the environment minister Elizabeth Truss.  Today, more than 19,000 students have chosen agriculture.

For whom is the study agriculture?

What you need to know is that agriculture isn’t just only for future farmers in the UK. This degree is actually quite diverse.

Instead of becoming a farmer, students could for instance be employed by food suppliers and retailers.

But the study of agriculture can also open positions in fields such as research and technology, consultancy, education, marketing or the media.

While the number of students in agriculture has risen there is still a shortage in the sector.

Some industry experts believe that to maintain its existing workforce, the agriculture sector in the UK needs to recruit 60,000 new students in the next ten years.

Farming today is quite different than it was some decades ago. Today there are issues such as  climate change, market volatility and reliance on subsidies that lay a major role when taking up this profession. In addition to that, the average age of British farmers is 59, this signifies yet another problem in this sector.

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April 1st, 2016

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